We Sold Out


This is the actual crowd from the KL/ Mike Pinto show at 710 last saturday. Everybody was up front, dancing and buying drinks whenever they could squeeze to the bar. PROPER PARTYING. I think the guy in the blue shirt is having a great time. Too bad his buddy in the grey sweater doesn’t want to photographed with him. Sorry, boss. Next time we’ll replace you in photoshop. Maybe you’ll be a T-Rex or something. RAAAWRRRR!



I think we finally did something cool.

Recently we got the opportunity to play with one of our singer Joe Clarke‘s most influential artists, Mike Pinto. The 710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach, San Diego gave King Legend a shot to open for Mike’s homecoming solo show. We pulled out every possible connection out there in mainstream media, landing Mr. Pinto in promotional spots from Tim Pyle‘s famous Local Show to San Diego 6 Morning show. Mike spread the word about not only his upcoming ventures, but also about his recent, allbeit loose affiliation with us.

Naturally with Mike’s name attached, KL’s relentless street team, and our loyal fans from all over the city, The show was a huge success and we packed the venue with over 200 people from open till close. Mike had the crowd singing the words to most of his set, and having a good old time (for old time’s sake). It was really great to see a musician do that as a solo performer. KL kicked off the night and turned a surfrock crowd onto something a little bit wilder, stirring up a thick dancefloor and deafening cheers from our new fans. Needless to say, we were all very excited, and very very sweaty. Sand Dollar closed out the night and kept the fans going until the wee hours. Funny thing- We opened for them the first time we played a legitimate gig- at 710′s sister venue, Winston’s.

We really do have a lot of respect for these guys, so keep your eyes and ears open for what’s next withMike Pinto and Sand Dollar. They’re a reason the night was such a good one.



KL is playing in a library.

We’re not really playing in a Library, this isn’t an episode Flight of the Concords, ok? That would be ridiculous. We’re actually playing one of our favorite venues, Winston’s in Ocean Beach. And we’re not just playing with ourselves. Nope.

We’re going to be opening for Portland’s own Paranoid Social Club on March 12th at Winston’sOB. The amazing local promoter, Ted Wigler had come through for us once again. Do yourself a favor and check these guys out, they’ve got great videos and a really cool, raunchy sound that KL absolutely stands by. (This show is already expected to be sold out, so make sure you get there early and avoid the crowd!!)

We’re finally playing the La Jolla Motor Car Classic car show on Sunday, April 7th. We will be on the big stage, right in the middle of the fun so make sure you come and see us for free from 11:00 am- 1:00 pm! Love those outdoor shows.

Word on the street is, we’ll be playing a surprise show with No Kings and Mad Traffic on 4/20 this year, so keep an eye out for that badass show as well, all of you green-friendly types.

Tonight, on the Last day of black history month, KL will be attending the SounDiego party at U-31, hosted by Jack Daniels (mmm…) and hanging out with Eric Page, producer of the show. Some great bands will be there, and you can hang out with Joe Clarke and Blake Lindquist from the band. What could be cooler. Think about it. Make sure you pop into the Griffin for the debut of ListenSD (partnering with UT-TV)’s first three episodes on Friday March 1st. It’s going all night and all the great bands from Rachel Frank’s first three episodes will be there. Rub elbows with us, make out with us, convince us to make some weird impromptu karaoke appearance across the street. You might be surprised. We love our fans.


PEAS – and until next time,




King Legend.


Li’l ol’ Peach Fuzz. Our raddest, baddest lil fan from way out on the edge of Lakeside. The kid might be surgically attached to his 50cc dirtbike. I do believe we’re the only band he’s ever seen . Right on, little dude. Keep workin on that mustache. It’ll come. Try a New York Strip, a neat bourbon and a Marlboro. That’ll put some hair on ya.



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