NEXT SHOW: Tuesday August 16th at “tin can ale house” S.D.

King Legend is playing a show THIS TUESDAY at the “Tin Can Ale House” the 16th of aug.


1863 5th Ave

(between Elm St & Fir St)

San Diego, CA 92101

Neighborhood: Banker’s Hill

Check out the tin can website:​m/

Hope to see you there! It’s going to Rock and or Roll!!!

4 Responses to “NEXT SHOW: Tuesday August 16th at “tin can ale house” S.D.

  • You guys gonna play with shaved heads? I’m only asking because I just shaved my head and it feels nice. If yyou ever want to shave you head, gimmie a call.

    Email me when you guys book shows!

    • No we are not going to shave our heads. That is silly. You are silly.
      I’m starting to think that enabling “comments” on this website might be a neat way to gather odd quotes. We will email you with our next show info, Thanks!

  • If you change your minds about the shaved heads thing, let me know!

  • Are you a robot? Look me in the eye and tell me you are not a robot!

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