Sneak Peek! POPVulture interview with Blake Lindquist.

Recently, bassist and producer Blake Lindquist Sat down for an interview with music magazine popVLTR about Rock and where King Legend stands in the music business today.

Blake Lindquist

POPVulture: You’ve been making moves in San Diego, how’d you get into music?

Blake Lindquist: I listened to everything I could growing up. Every Sunday I would watch my dad lay down Bass, rhythm and lead parts as one man on the organ. I was an active listener from early on. But I think everyone that’s about my age played a lot of Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins in the beginning, regardless of how much Yngwie-Vai-Dimebag, Primus-Von-Zeppelin-Tool we do nowadays.

PV: Congrats on ‘Curtain Falls‘, who are some of your influences?

Lindquist: Thanks! We got Youtube Partner, Kwonkicker to sign on with the band and direct, film, and edit for that video and he will be doing our future videos as well. As far as influences, the biggest influences of mine that I draw from for King Legend are bands like Jane’s Addiction, Adrian Belew, Kiss, And Players like Matt Freeman from Rancid, Donald Duck Dunn, and the cunning of Mr. Larry Graham.

PV: What are some of your proudest moments in music so far? (events, accomplishments, recognition)

Lindquist: It’s Awesome for me every time I hear us on the radio. Our first tour was the most fun I have ever had with my clothes on. But as a band, I get the biggest kick from when we play shows where there is a lot at stake and we need to really prove ourselves. We own the “sink or swim” scenario and when there is a lot on the table we always pull together, go into hyper mode and knock em dead. That’s the best.

PV: What cool stuff is on the horizon for King Legend? (events, accomplishments, recognition)

Lindquist: We are expanding our youtube channels with the help of Kwonkicker (aka Micah Brock) and in our recent merge with YouTube network Fullscreen we are really starting to move. I’m really excited about that. We also have some music video concepts in the works that we are really excited about, as well as some killer new songs. In the future, we want to tour. Play. Play. Play. I want to play all over Japan. ..I think we would do well there. Or Australia! I hear that place is literally an entire continent FULL of Australian women!


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