NEXT SHOW -two shows October 31st -Monday- Cuyamaca College and Winston’s


Halloween day/night,
Start off your Monday with the band down at Cuyamaca College where they will be playing as part of a Halloween festival. King Legend will be playing in the large grass area by the book store. The show is free and the band will be playing two sets between the times of 11:30-2:30. Come hang out on the beautiful campus green and rock out with the band.

-To answer a question Jovi asked at a previous show, no, Blake does not wear a tupe, yes Joe has three knees, and undecided on whether or not Ryan has ever performed ventriloquism.

A few hour later at 9pm King Legend will be playing at Winston’s in O.B. The first half will be band, and later on will be some kind of madness perhaps booze and a movie-night? Maybe Ryan will grace us with his amazing talking pumpkin routine! Hope to see you there!


Cuyamaca College (11:30am-2:30pm)
900 Rancho San Diego Parkway
El Cajon, CA 92019
(619) 660-4000

Winston’s (9pm-12am)
1921 Bacon Street
San Diego, CA 92107-2805
Neighborhood: New Port AVE. (Ocean Beach, San Diego)

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