NEXT SHOW- Friday November 25th at “Ruby Room” SD

There will be a performance at the “Ruby Room” in San Diego on November 25th (Friday) show starts at 9pm, but show up early and test your billiard skills against the band! Also, highest score on “Pacman” wins.

The “Ruby Room” is a good spot to be, having free arcades, dedicated stage for music, and red velvet EVERYWHERE! The last time I was there the movie “blood sport” was playing on a loop all night. The venue also has a couple pool tables and other games. It’s a rad spot and the staff is fantastic. Come check out the show on the 25th.

And Remember: “They never get old, they always seem new, those three little words, “Please” and “Thank you”.


“Ruby Room” San Diego

1271 University Avenue  San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 299-7372

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