On location for new Video: "Curtain Falls"

Clocky and the timekeepers; harbingers of the APOCALYPSE


KL drops a brand new video and surpasses old video views in less than a week.

On December 30th, the video for beloved song “Curtain Falls” became public; and within three days had surpassed the band’s previous video effort by hundreds of views. Along with the flagship video and song, the band launched their new parallel YouTube channels /kinglegendMUSIC and /kinglegendLIVE. The former will primarily host official music videos by the band, where the latter will serve as a blog, a live footage hub and more personal look into the band member’s lives.

The band is very pleased to attribute much of the video’s success to their director, editor and cinematographer, Micah Brock; better known as Kwonkicker. Also, the band takes great pride in welcoming Maggie Bridgette Clarke as the Interdimensional Being; the other-worldly heroine who reeks her firey revenge on the city. Viewers can plan on seeing more of her character as well as the infamous Clocky the clock-faced man in future efforts.

The video was submitted to the San Diego Film consortium recently and has been accepted for featured play! The band and Micah Brock will be attending the event on February 1st, dressed to impress, and ready to meet their fellow filmmakers as well as fans. Needless to say, the boys in the band as well as Kwonkicker might be celebrating a little extra this month.

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Thank you for being with us. See you at the next show!!

-The Band


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