Curtain Falls

Well Everyone around here’s real, real busy,
Gots-a someone to be somewhere in the city
And they all seem to grieve the loss
of a couple of a couple ‘a bucks

Seems the truth shines down from-a heaven above
While the youth lies around sippin seven up
With no one hangin’ ‘round just to call ‘em son

And the girls ain’t idle and the boys burn the bible
While the noise makes a rival with a courthouse trial
And the mothers cry “Son I just don’t know who you’ve become!?!”

And the shindig blazes while the grapes turn to raisins
And the fake turn to famous while the grapes turn to raisins
And the rake turns the pages in the book called “Here’s the Road, Now Learn to Run”

Yea Yea Yea

Well everyone around here’s a real real busy
With the sunglass grin “How ya feel?” “Real shitty.”
And me? I’m content just a starin at the wall

While time is-a wastin’, momma’s cryin’ in the basement
Cause the taste is tasteless, can’t find no replacement
For the lifeless love that’s sleepin’ down the hall

And everybody’s workin’, that’s one thing for certain
“Keep the streets lookin’ perfect, and my head full of bourbon!”
“Don’t be late for the sermon and the hurricane curtain call!?!”

Well, the last thing you hear is all the laughs and the cheers
At the traps and the fears as you relax in the near-
est seat, right beside me as the curtain falls.

Yea yea yea…OH NO!


2. She Rocks

She rocks alone on down the center of the road
Tight jeans and tatooed sleeves make a man want to take her home
And Ms. Danger don’t act surprised.

She knows what catches eyes and captivates the nose
Every word she speaks seizes all the freaks
Like the heat that fills her clothes
Cause that’s danger, don’t ask me why.

Why? Oh, longtime lonely-
She’s an alcohol, cocaine, disco no name
“here’s my seven digits, let’s go out for a while”
She’s a caffeine, nicotine, trip if the pills are clean
Silvereen linin on my little black cloud


She tells the weak men all about her weekend
And everywhere she’s been
She says she’ll meet them, but that all depends
If they can guess her favorite sin
And that’s danger- don’t ask me why.

Don’t get too close-
She’s [afraid] a frayed skirt, paydirt, pleasure when the pain hurt
Hold ya so close ya wonder “Where do I end?”
She’s a cat-mouse bad-mouth, invite ya to her dad’s house
And have you on her doorstep while she’s out with her friends


3. Foolish Games

If ya want me, come get me- I ain’t gonna change
But I ain’t got no time for no foolish games

I don’t want your number, I won’t ever call
Don’t care what list you’re under, love me now or not at all
Ya say ya wanna meet me, well ya better be there
But ya won’t, no ya don’t see me anywhere


Now I swear I do not want you for those things that you got
Naw, I also want you for all those things that you’re not
And that boy I seen you with, yeah, you say that he’s the one
I swear I didn’t shoot him, I only bought the gun


4. Jesus is my Hitman

Jesus is my hitman
He does all my dirty deeds
He does just what I ask for
When I’m in my time of need

He takes me to the market, He takes me to the square
He takes you to a target and he puts you in a chair
“Hey, how about a new life? Howabout a brand new scene?”
Just let him cock back on his colt .45 And you gonna see just what Jesus means

He takes me to the city, We party out in the styx
And sometimes even on a weekday me and jesus pick up chicks
Talkin ‘bout “How about it baby, You and me?
Looks like your little boyfriend hates me
Well, he can’t hate if he can’t breathe

5. Hand to a Fist

You are too young to be so jaded
You are too old to be so insecure
Yes, I’m coming in through your window
‘cause you gone and locked all of the doors

Ok- I’m not alright-
Though the sun beats down on my little beach town, seems everybody lookin for a fight
Hey, my friend-
I don’t wanna see, don’t wanna see I dont wanna see it end like this
We can’t let it happen again-
(Hand to a fist.)

You are too soft to be so solid
You are too mean to be so friendly
Yeah, you’re never gonna be quite who you are
As long as you’re pretending

Why are you afraid to feel alive?
Ya say if livin means all this pain, you’re not ashamed to hide
Hey, my friend-
I don’t wanna see it end like this
We can’t let it happen again-
(Hand to a fist)

6. Tangerina

She was a talkin’ fiend, never said a word she meaned
She taught me I was wrong
She was a drinkin’ mess, cheap booze and cigarettes
The list goes on and on

Now I knew I’d stay the same no matter what was said
But I tried to be the better man instead
Tangerina- I still dream of your kiss Tangerina why do we always fight like this?

Now I never liked myself But didn’t dare tell no one else
For fear they might agree
I gave her house and home, then I left her all alone
And tumbled in the street


7. Mr. STABility

There goes mr. Stability
Peppermint smile with the master key
Impeccable timin with the rhyming scheme
But don’t ask about the past or the life he leads

He’ll tell ya “I’m not one to lie,
This life has passed me by
As much as it has swept me under tow
And if ya ask me how I live
And still got some to give,
This smile is on my face
Cause I don’t know.”

There goes mr. Stability
Handshake hands and business feet
Don’t think, don’t feel, he only do
The good book tells him how to pick and choose


There goes Mrs. Stability
Bare bones dipped in fertility
She got great credit, left the bank with a loan
The bus comes at 7, aint nobody home

She’ll tell ya “I’m not one to lie,
This life has taxed me dry
And I’m not sure if I can pay my dues
One day I’ll get tired, and think for a little while
About the backup plan, the tax man,
And these here shoes…
And that ol’ Mr. Stability”

He’s the form standin in your door,
You can call him ‘mr. Stab’ for short
He’s your father, your best friend
And the boy down the street-
He’s Mr. Stability.

8. Just Got my Gun Back

You make it so hard, baby, You know you make it so hard
You’re the reason for all us guy’s hard time, I knew it right from the start

You got a big mouth, baby, I got something to put in it
You gonna look real funny, girl, Witcho little foot in it

And I just got my gun back, And I know everything
And I ain’t gonna cut you no damn slack, I’m gonna shoot ya, baby… Just as sure as I sing

You ain’t got nowhere to run, baby, You ain’t got nowhere to hide
Aren’t we gonna have some fun baby? I’m gonna leave satisfied


9. John’s song

I once met a boy who was bruised and was wounded. I wanted to save him, his father refused it.
He cut his boy loose with the hounds that abused him
And laid his head down on a pillow to soothe him
But his dreams were of demons whom drew men to ruin.

I once met a boy who was bruised and was wounded,
He acted so strangely and made me feel stupid
I saw in his eyes what the truest of truth is, The law men replied we abide the accused
When I told them the tale of the boy who was bruised and was wounded

Oh my people, I sing you the song
Tell me his father was wicked and was wrong
Tell me you love all the children who long
For rest and the testament of little John – It’s real, what you feel, so go on

I met a young man all covered with scars. I wanted to meet him, I greeted his cause
His stature was grim, but his message was calm
I smiled at him, and shook hard his arm
He knew not what drove him, but simply opened his palm

I met an old man who was true and was prudent
His words were encouraging, soothing and lucid
He told me the tale of his reckless abuses
He told me the tale of his past and his truces, He told me that I was beyond all excuses

10. Regret

Call me unlucky
Destined to lose
I should have guessed it when you told me
That you saw me in yesterday’s news
I know you’re there, feeling blue
With your johnny and jimmy and jack
Tell me, what do they do?

When I was a young boy, no older than ten
I dreamt of meeting a woman like you, But again, that was then
My poppa told me, Son you’ll be fine
If ya stay ‘way from women swimin at the bottom of a bottle of wine

Don’t go to that whiskey bar don’t go just yet
First you’ll learn about dancing and shallow romancing
and then you’ll learn how to forget

I’ll let you go though I wish you would stay
But when you come back for lovin, don’t you come back with nothin to say
I’ll leave the light on and unlock the doors
I’ll be right here waiting for you
‘till you don’t come back no more

11. Dope

I’ll be your sweetest thing, I’ll be that one true lovin comin on
I’ll be your dope, Whenever you want

Fishnet stockins, ruby red lips to match the color of blood on your fingertips
I’m livin like an idol, you’re livin like a star, I could get you higher no matter how high you are


Your painted skin, your painted mind Match the settin like all of the time
Pull the trigger, yes I will for you anything, till your prescription’s filled


Now wait just a minute,
Aww- carry on

12. Go Crazy

So im drivin in the car top back with the boys thinkin damn it’s a beautiful day
Been workin hard all week gonna see what I can see goddamn man I’m ready to play
Got paid on Friday man you know I’m smiling, I been waitin for something to do
And the girls say hi right when I walk by yeah, baby I’m talkin to you

All that I need is some cold beer, some sunshine A good woman, and some good times
No shirt, No shoes… if yer bringin that static better leave it in the attic, little boy you couldn’t bring me the blues

Now woman oh woman what ya tryna do? Got me workin so hard just to talk to you
Im gonna use my body gonna use my mind, gonna rock this place like it’s all mine
I got conversation and things to do, got a bad ass band and a bottle or two


Cuz I’m ready to go crazy

Right here, right now – Goin crazy – in Cox arena – Goin crazy
Come on and stomp, give me a clap, Ya can’t stop me now so what ya think about that?
I’m gonna stomp, im gonna clap, Ya can’t stop me now so whatcha think about that?

(Chorus, chant)

13. Double life

I must be crazy or possessed by the devil cause I can’t seem to break away from my old ways
It’s like I get to a whole nuther level then I’m right back in a couple of days

Here comes the rain, there goes the sun here comes the pain, there goes the fun
It seems like the second my brand new life has begun, I’m always runnin whether it’s to or from

All of the lies I can’t remember, to the truth I can’t forget
As god as my witness, I beg for forgiveness from the double life I lead in my head

One day I’m drinkin from noon until midnight, tumbling through town with my gun
The very next day I’m at home with my woman, talkin ‘bout havin a son

Here comes the fire, reflectin in my eyes, here comes the peaceful reprieve and surprise
It’s boom turn to bust, new life turned to rust and the trust in my silky black lies


14. BAMF

I wanna kick some ass,
I wanna start the fire light
I wanna watch it burn,
And be bad all night

You can’t just pull out your wallet
And make it all go away
You’ll never take me to college
Cause that’s what made you this way
You can’t just give me a hug
A little pat on the back
I’m gonna kick it and lick it and stick it in a gun
And lay it down on a track


True – I just don’t care what you say
Yeah – I’m fully automatic
Mmhmm – I’m gonna look good doin it, baby
I say be gooooood, or be good at it

15. Heartbreaker

I’m a heartbreaker, and if time has told the truth
I’m gonna take ya, I’m gonna shake ya, ‘n im gonna break that heart in two

If I can’t be your reflection or your momma’s diamond ring
If I ain’t what you expect and darling, I can’t be everything
If I can’t be someone else and if I can’t be someone new,
If I can’t be perfect, then I can’t be you

And im a heartbreaker, My momma told me so
When I was young, she told me “Son, you’re gonna steal some woman’s soul”
‘n if I could turn the tears to gold, well I tell you what I’d do
I’d build a bridge across this river that’s keepin me from you

Well I’m a lover, I’m a fighter, I’m a rip rock roll writer
That might of met you some time, but damned if I know your name

(Chorus again)

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