King Legend and Matt Hall host The Jumping Turtle’s 10 Year Anniversary Party

Matt Hall, The owner of San Marcos’ beloved venue The Jumping Turtle, hosts the ten year anniversary of his thriving business on February 8, 2013. Here’s a look at the bands, the scene, and a little about the venue where it all goes down. Every PIC is a link to somewhere DOPE.

Nomad – Vocals, Catfish – Guitar / Backup Vocals, Pain – Bass / Backup Vocals, Toad – Drums

DIVE BOMBER - Dive Bomber was formed in 2010 when Toad, Catfish and Pane met Nomad via a chance email on Craigslist. When the band met for the first time it was a magical connection. Together they create a unique experience that is the pure adrenaline rush of a Dive Bomber concert. We are stoked to celebrate the Jumping Turtle’s 10th Anniversary with some many awesome bands!

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Epiphany – vocals, Rachel Bunz – bass, Nasty Nats – drums, Cricket – guitar

CHICA DIABLA - San Diego based Chica Diabla is a “new wave punk rock-n-roll band” with members with roots from SoCal, Minnesota and Texas. The quartet rocks raw, cheeky songs about life, love, lame people and good times with hooks the crowd can easily sing along with. Think: The Runways meets Missing Persons.
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NINJA LOVE: Ninja Love prefers to keep its origins hazy. What is known is that the band lives in San Diego, California and has two members. Armed with guitars, drums, keyboards, looping pedals, electronics and an array of stage props, Ninja Love plays intricately arranged, propulsive rhythmic songs formed out of a shared love of CAKE, Tool, Queens of the Stone Age and Weezer. Ninja Love’s shows are raucous, visual experience, with its perpetually-costumed musicians performing amid a shroud of darkness and fog to let the songs speak from themselves.


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Mike Villemaire: Guitar, Matt Liebowitz: Drum


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Cassie Morris – Vocals/Keyboards, Ryan Leaver – Guitars/vocals, Wena Velasco – Bass, Joe Bennett – Guitars, Diana Cameron – Backing Vocals, Shawn Cameron – Drums

UNICORN DEATH - The band name derived from the idea of being impaled by a unicorn’s mystical horn, followed by the brutal and painful process of bleeding out, resulting in death. Inspired by symphonic metal, the music isn’t really what you’d expect coming from the name. But we thoroughly enjoy confusing the shit outta people lacking a sense of humor! :D


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Touch Me

Joe Clarke – Lip Ring, Blake Lindquist – Clock on Face, Ryan Burdick – Say no Evil

  KING LEGEND - King Legend, as a band, is nothing more than a small group made up of three cocky psychopaths on a tear through the American music scene. They have no taste, no talent, and no drive to surpass the status quo of unfocused shock rock. EXCATLY what you would expect from San Diego. What were these guys thinking?
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 The Jumping Turtle is the place where North county gets their metal, their rock, and their reggae. With the growing population of gigantic corportate venues creeping in more and more, essential mid-sized concert halls like The JT are all but extinct. Owner Matt Hall has steered his venue in the right direction for over ten years in the face of constant opposition. The ten year anniversary on February 8th marks the beginning of the renewal of his lease on 1660 Capalina Road. It also marks a milestone in his history as well as a passage to the next ten years of music in San Marcos.
Hall was recently quoted in an interview with music buff Joe Clarke about his vision for the Jumping turtle, the San Diego music scene, and the nature of the business:”There is no greater high for me than seeing a band that used to play here when they’ve made it big and they come back on tour. It’s cause they stuck with it. That’s what we did at the Turtle. We stick with it.”TWEET ‘EMThey’re on ReverbNation JUMP


As I Lay Dying at The Jumping Turtle

In the hearts and minds of rock fans here in San Diego, the vision of purity and volume and adrenaline is still alive and it looks like it’s not going anywhere. Long live the Jumping Turtle.

From Matt Hall, the bands and all of us, thank you!

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