Interview with Joe Verdugo – Ten Questions

Members of King Legend recently did an interview with Joseph Verdugo, an amateur music, film and art critic in San Diego, CA about King Legend and where things are going in 2013.


Verdugo: Umm…ten questions?

Joe Clarke: Yes.


Verdugo: What made you start playing?

Joe Clarke: Blake is from a very musical Family, I think he started playing music because there were no toys in the house. Ryan tells me he always wanted to play the drums since he was little, and also started at a young age. I think he speaks with his music more clearly than he does with just plain old English. I guess we can all say that.


Verdugo: What or who is your biggest inspiration?

Joe Clarke: Our biggest inspiration is probably anyone who made it in life by being themselves, and never homogenizing… especially any band that made it by having an amazing message or product, rather than by just working the system. That is what inspires us. Organicness. Is that a word? Ha. I don’t know.


Verdugo: If you could play in any country where would it be?

Joe Clarke: We would love to play England or Japan. We hear great things.


Verdugo: Who would you most want to collaborate with?

Joe Clarke: Dream tour: King Legend, Cage the Elephant, Raconteurs. Special guests: The Toadies.

But I think if we had the chance to really collaborate on anything at all, we would want someone that has a lot of passion for a vintage rock studio experience… A King Legend record; where we could trust our engineer and our producer, take our time and make a cohesive piece of art. So, Vlado Mellor and Brenden Benson, and the incomparable Jack White. That’s the Dream Team. I’m calling you out, Jack!


Verdugo: What songs do you most enjoy performing?

Joe Clarke: I’m kind of a dick about music, so I would say 1.) anything new and 2.) anything with a crowd going crazy in front of me. It’s a cliché, but a good crowd can make playing the kazoo worthwhile on the right night, you know?


Verdugo: Are these questions too generic?

Joe Clarke: Not all of them. Kidding, no I think I’ll survive. I’m having fun.


Verdugo: How many shows are you playing?

Joe Clarke: We play at least once a week, film a new professional grade video every two months with Kwonkicker and tour twice a year. For now. There’s room for more.


Verdugo: What is the biggest venue you’ve ever played at?

Joe Clarke: We’ve played the Thunderboat races at Vacation Island where there were tens of thousands of people. They were there for the boats, mainly, but they treated us real well and we had a blast. 4th and B before it shut down, we played there a few times. We once played to 6 people at Porter’s pub on the UCSD campus. Huge venue.


Verdugo: What was your favorite show you performed at?

Joe Clarke: This is an easy one. We put together a show at Mission Surf Shop in PB during the 2012 Christmas parade. It’s just an outdoor parking lot, and a tiny wooden stage. We got Rich from Mission Surf to put out a sale rack and get us some beers and a huge crowd came down to see us. Playing outside is the best. It just sounds so different than in the clubs. It was some girl’s birthday party that day and her ten friends came to dance, all dressed up like geriatrics. You can check the video out, it’s pretty amazing. A bunch of hotties with blue hair and walkers. That was our best show last year, I think. Probably ever.


Verdugo: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop?

Joe Clarke: Who licks tootsie pops? Either suck ‘em or bite ‘em. Don’t be weird.

Verdugo: One…two…three…THREE!!!


Verdugo: Is there anything in the works for the future?

Joe Clarke: We’ve got new videos coming out, 6 of em… for 2013. We’re doing another tour, a new album. I mean, there’s a LOT to stay tuned for in the near future. We’re not going anywhere.


Verdugo: Is that enough?

Joe Clarke: Yes. I think so. Let’s get some beers in us before I realize where I am.


Joe Verdugo

Critic, Pundit, Maker of fine knives.

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