04th Mar 2013

Sneak Peek! POPVulture interview with Blake Lindquist.

Recently, bassist and producer Blake Lindquist Sat down for an interview with music magazine popVLTR about Rock and where King Legend stands in the music business today. POPVulture: You’ve been...

12th Jan 2013
I mustache you a question.

Interview with Joe Verdugo – Ten Questions

Members of King Legend recently did an interview with Joseph Verdugo, an amateur music, film and art critic in San Diego, CA about King Legend and where things are going...

08th Oct 2012
sunny rey

Interview with Sunny Rey

Joe Clarke’s interview with poet/writer/model/industry buff Sunny Rey 10/08/2012 Sunny Rey: How did you come up with the lyrics to ‘Heartbreaker?’ Joe Clarke: I was raised by a group of...

30th Aug 2012
we like you

interview with C Lue

In an interview with Lead singer Joe Clarke, C Lue Disharoon asked THIS on 8/28/2012: C Lue Disharoon: When did your band’s concept begin to take the shape it has...