King Legend is a rock trio in San Diego.

Band: “We represent America’s strong rock roots. Rock has been out of the public eye for a while now, deformed into pop-soups like this week’s boy band, or forced underground by the popular influx of the pimple-free, fabricated Reggae, hip hop and DJ craze. Rock and roll is still alive and well in the dark clubs of New York, the headphones of the soul skater, the house parties of San Francisco and everywhere in between… Every new generation connects with this genre for its honesty and frankness. We would like to be the ambassadors to this next generation. King legend represents the fire burning in the hearts and the minds of anyone who is passionate about music and who still believes that music should be raw, gutsy and truthful.”

King Legend is: Blake Lindquist, Joe Clarke, Ryan Burdick

The San Diego rock trio performs original material featuring Joe Clarke’s snarling lyrics and devil-may-care vocal style. The soul of the band might be, at first glance, a driving vintage rock guitar sound; but upon closer inspection it is indisputably the rumbling and tumbling of San Diego’s most underrated rhythm section. Burdick’s drumming and Lindquist’s four-string bass coalesce in the chest.

They have been a group since 2010 and with over two hours of material they have performed over a hundred shows at venues ranging from San Diego’s most lovable dive bars to premier venues such as 4th and B,  various festivals, large-scale youtube channels and local TV.

Lindquist: “Burdick keeps the neo-1940′s swing/New Orleans feel,  Joe grips the audience with a infectious energy and crystal clear passion kinda like if George Thorogood canabalized the raw power of a tribe of punk rockers. As for me, I try to keep things moving along with my bass’n, kinda like the John  Entwistles and Matt Freemans do …”

Ryan: The band has been compared to groups like Jimmy Hendrix, White Stripes, Cage the Elephant, Kings of Leon which to us, is very cool. And we’re thankful for that.”

Clarke: “To us- it’s just Rock and Roll.”



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